Monday, December 28, 2009

Love Is Beauty (4/30)

Here's a fresh one. It's a love poem. (Yeah, I'm back on that...apparently.)
The first line comes from Whitney Houston's old song "All the Man That I Need," which was stuck in my head all morning. The rest is all mine.
Beautiful Love (4/30)

he fills me up.

heart's cup overflows
with peace
even as love grows
and I release myself
to surrender to his heat.
each time we meet
life's force is restored
rekindled by a passion
that cannot be ignored
but instead begs to be explored
begs to be discovered
begs to be voiced in conversation among lovers,

uncovered and revealed
it appeals to my finer sense.
it feels gooey and dense.
it coats my thoughts in layers
and presents itself as answer to my prayers.


proactive and adaptive.
bending and transcending.
upending my preconceived notions.
trading in what i thought it oughtta be
and upgrading to what it's gotta be.

put simply: love is beauty.

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Susu Amina said...

this got to be spoken and heard