Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hiatus (3/30)

No, I'm not where I'm supposed to be, but I haven't given up either! 30 poems in 30 any means! (Thanks for reading...hold me accountable!)

I started this poem a few weeks ago but just finished it. I gave it a title after writing only a few lines, which is very unusual for me. Of course, the poem morphed and kinda changed direction as I continued writing, but I think the title fits even better a cryptic sorta way. And for the record, I love sprinkling my poems with crypticisms. As always, look forward to your thoughts and comments.

Hiatus (3/30)

rhyming words placed
in rhythmic cadences
and sentences
is the single way
she repents for the offence
of remaining silent
in the midst of such violent passions
and feelings
and urges
and surges
she words her apology with care
and sets her pathology to lay bare
there within her phrases
she makes rhetoric and record of all her ways

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