Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Facebook Mini Series, Vol. 1

Yeah, I'm on Facebook, but I don't really *do* Facebook. (I'm a twitter addict.) I'm the kinda person that might update my FB status once a week...maybe. And then I like to be all cryptic and non-specific and junk.
But lately I've been writing these mini-poems for my status updates. They're quite random, but like the rest of my poetry, they're all me, unfiltered. Heres a bunch of my latest. I'll post more when I write more.
I dig them (I may try to expand some of these in the future), but I wanna know what you think. Which one's your favorite?

my hesitation was misinterpreted for resignation

when in fact i was suffering from emotional constipation

communication outlets blocked and backed up

but when they get stacked up too tall

these sentiments fall after all


blue notes danced across my eyelids

as they slid into place thru my headphones

they always find me alone

lost in imagination

a singular solitary soulful congregation


there's no way of knowing

but I say I'm going all the way

at the end of the day

I'm still standing

still running

still flying

the day I stop moving is the day I start dying


my heart bleeds steady

so i keeps the pen ready

ink from my soul's well

is the best way 2 tell

my story:

love, loss, passion and glory


wading in the stream of dreams

that meets reality at its seam

fed by the waters of creation

that flow 'cross the riverbed of manifestation

boldly treading on an unknown heading

taking to flight into a fearless night


marinating in the juice of inspiration set loose

prepare to feast on my masterpiece


Friday, September 18, 2009

Dawn of Inspiration

"Anoche me acosté con mis pensamientos. Ésta mañana me levanté con mis sentimientos." (Last night I lay down with my thoughts. This morning I woke up with my feelings.)

I tweeted this thought a few days ago. I have no idea why I wrote it in Spanish, but I'm glad I did. (Isn't Spanish a beautiful language?) I kept reading it over and over, feeling like there was more to be said. It grew into this little (English) poem.

Dawn of Inspiration

last night
i lay down under the weight of the day
and slept with my thoughts
reluctantly drifting into dreams of deficiency
lit by the flicker of dim resolution

at some point during our slumber
my pensive bedmate disrobed
stripping herself of the heavy burden
of solving riddles and fixing broken solutions

as i dreamed she took my hand
and walked me through a fantastic field of possibility
and her gait took on a more sentimental saunter
unbound by higher reasoning
she pursued higher ways of pleasing me

and this morning
i awoke with fresh feelings
instead those same tired thoughts

passion illuminated my bedroom
urgency pulled back the covers
coaxing me to open my eyes
with determination
and gaze intently upon
the dawn of inspiration

Friday, September 11, 2009

I Want Mine Now

I wrote this poem in 2007, forgot all about it, and just found it randomly. (It happens. Often.) It's in complete first draft form, so it's not the best, but I wanted to share. It's about...holding back, from the perpective of the one who gets less...or something like that. Just read it (please).
Also, I don't exactly remember writing this so I can't be sure, but I think the first 2 lines are paraphrased from the movie Love Jones (love that movie). Lemme know what you think!

I Want Mine Now
you ain't gotta save none for later
i want mine now!
you don't have to put me on emotional rations
i just want you to fall into me until you reach
the deepest levels of satisfaction

when i reach out to rub your back
you don't have to recoil from my touch
grab that bottle of oil
and tell me to rub you down as much
as you please

there's no need to hold back cute nicknames
and terms of endearment
no matter how much you tell me you love me
i won't get tired of hearing it
and the lust in your eyes is always a good thing
and a kiss from your lips will always make my heart sing
and i always get butterflies when my cell phone rings
and i hear that ringtone i downloaded just for you

baby, i'm still all about you
but sometimes
i wish you got a little closer
to me

Friday, September 4, 2009


I don't pretend that I can speak for all women, but I would imagine that a lot of them will identify with at least some part of this poem. I look forward to your comments on this one...


be gentle...
that woman's more fragile than you know

she might walk like she's got a big ego
but sometimes that confidence is borrowed
it might not show but her feelings ebb and flow
and she's under the pressure of heavy cargo
including her fair share of sorrow
but she banishes her weaknesses far below
the surface
and keeps going

see that unshakable woman...
she's more sensitive than you think
her head and her heart aren't always in sync
even small matters can make that tall woman shrink
or push her beyond the brink
of what she can handle
but she pulls it together

that spitfire woman...
she's more weary that she seems
see, it's a tiresome thing to have her dreams
trampled before they can be redeemed
all the while swimming upstream
just to get to stability

look deeper
how hard do you look to try to see her?
how far do you go to try to reach her?
how tight do you squeeze to try to keep her?

that woman carries the burden of creation on her shoulders
sometimes you gotta offer to hold her
you can't afford to forget to console her

yeah, i know...she's strong and agile
but please understand
that woman is FRAGILE

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

This Heart's Terrain

This Heart's Terrain

pain is this heart's terrain

even as the pleasurable truth sustains me

across the planes of the mundane

the ache of rejection and fear of love feigned

is so deeply engrained

that i have to strain just to abstain

from draining his love of every drop

of sentiment it could potentially obtain

my heart has reason to sing love-filled refrains

with beautiful melodies that neither wax nor wane

because it knows nothing of love lived in vain

but still i remain chained in shackles of self-disdain

as i helplessly watch myself imagining the inhumane

where only fondness reigns

it might be a struggle just to maintain

but i refuse to falter in my fight to reclaim

the gains that i've already obtained

pain might be this heart's familiar terrain

but today i journey across a new plain