Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Better Days

This is just a little something that was on my mind...based on a true story (like all poetry).

*Better Days*

weary and spent from such long days
in a haze from even longer nights
these times bring out the fight in me
these fights bring out the might in me
and it turns out i'm stronger than i thought
i've fought longer battles with myself
in the dreary trenches of my head
just trying to make it outta bed
so instead of
writing myself into woeful tales
of predetermined fails
i choose to sail
on the current of perserverance
my determination is my clearance
to optimism and the better times
that lie beyond what I can see
the truth is that better times dwell within me

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Raw and Untitled...(and Messy)

Alright...so this is a quick piece i just banged out on the keyboard in all of 5 minutes. It's pretty raw...I look forward to feedback. (Thanks @Whyguys for the extra push.)

[untitled (at least for now)]

unspoken words shouted
already dim light got outed
the air fell silent
as thoughts turned violent
but managed to stay hidden
good riddens
to the way sadness feels
it's concealed
deep down inside
glazed over with pride
and unexpressed sorrows
for a tomorrow already lost
and glossed over with frost
she turned cold
as she saw herself alone