Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Kind of Love

I started writing this poem a long time ago. I wasn't in a relationship at the time, but I was trying to get there. So, I was doing some soul searching and asked myself why he (or any man) would wanna be with me. What do I have to offer? This poem is an attempt at answering that question.

Of course I forgot all about this poem until I recently stumbled across it again. I made a few revisions and decided to post it. I look forward to your thoughts on this one...

My Kind of Love

you've never had love like mine

it might sound like an exaggeration, but it's the truth
i've been grooming my love for you since the beginning of my youth
and i've perfected the art of touching your heart
so now i'm ready to be a part of you

now i'm ready to show you what i've learned
i'm ready to demonstrate the extent to which i've yearned
for the chance to bless you

to rub your feet and caress your soul
while simultaneously stroking your ego,
grasping you so thoroughly you'll never want to let me go
'cause baby, i know...
you've never had love like mine

you've never had a woman anticipate your needs
submit to your manhood
and fulfill you mentally
and I know...
because you've never had me

have you ever felt secure enough to reveal your softer side?
have you ever had a partner that increases your sense of pride?
has a woman ever made you feel taller just by standing by your side?
I can do all of this and make your longing subside

i have the ability to address the king in you
simply because when i look at you i see every good thing in you
i'm determined to discover your heart's desire and bring it to you
and when i find the right words, i won't just speak
i'll sing them to you

i'll show you more than romance
I'll make my love dance for you
just name your pleasure
it's never too much when my love is the measure

i'll do everything a woman can
to make you feel like a man
because that's the kind of lover that i am

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