Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tribute to Noble§age

I wrote this poem on January 16, 2009 in memory of my dear cousin, Jee-Niรงe K. Nolan (a.k.a. Noble§age; a.k.a. JK Nolan de Nobles). She touched and inspired many lives, including mine. I hope she knows that.

If I never said it before
I'll be sure to tell you now
I owe it to you to find a way
To get the message across somehow

You were a star right here on this earth
You walked an enlightened path since birth
You've bene a queen, and for what it's worth--
I've looked up to you

Sage, the things you've lived through
The lessons you've learned
The ideas you've cultivated
The wisdom you've discerned

But, you don't need me to tell you
That you've left a royal legacy
You don't need me to testify to
Your amazing talents and noble victories

You mothered a movement, a philosophy, a lifestyle
But perhaps most impressive
You've taught me that trying is worthwhile

So I insist on telling you how I feel
I insist on making you understand that your impact was real
I insist that you acknowledge the impression you left on me
And, yes, I insist on perpetuating teh NARABA! Spirit of Creativity

Every time I perform, you'll be watching in the wings
Your voice will be the echo of every song that I sing
It'll be your brilliance that illuminates my thoughts
And it'll be your love for me that keeps me from getting lost

We were magnificent fools to think
Your heavenly nature belonged on this side of glory
But we'd be greater fools still
To rob the world of your story

You deserve the honor of immortality through history
And we owe it to ourselves to remember
Your goodness, greatness and beauty

But it's time, Noble§age
The Master says your work on this side is done
Now, it's time for you to join him
Your journey on the other side has begun

Farewell, JK Nolan de Nobles
I want you to go in peace
And I want you to carry with you
A lifetime of precious memories

But don't dispair...

That urge deep within you to be, do, get and give your best
God says He's satisfied
And with that you take your final rest

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Poem: Devotion

Written 9/29/07

This poem is dedicated to my father, Leonard Butler, whose unwavering faith has always been

an example and inspiration to me.

I’ve been doing some thinking, Lord

You know, about the way You treat me.

You shower me with an unconditional love.

You grant me kindness, favor and mercy.

You answer my prayers with supplication and
You tend to my every need.

You allow me to see victory in the face of my enemies.

But what have I done for You lately?

I don’t understand what You see when You look at me.

I don’t deserve Your love, Lord, I am so unworthy.

Because I know I’m a sinner and sometimes I disobey.

And yes, sometimes I choose to go the wrong way.

I admit that sometimes I think that it’s all about me

And all I want to do what I think is going to make me happy.

But I’ve been thinking and I realize I need to make a change in my life.

It’s time that I devote my life to being a living sacrifice.

Let my life be a vessel through which Your will is made manifest

Even as I go through trials and endure tests

Lord, remind me that I remain blessed

And that I should offer up no less than my best

When it comes to pleasing You.

Make it, O God, so that my very breath magnifies You

Make it so that every beat of my heart glorifies You

And make it, O God, so that my every thought edifies You

And acknowledges You for the Almighty God that You are

The Almighty God that spoke the earth into creation

The Almighty God that speaks the tongue of every nation

The Almighty God that spins the earth to give us the sunrise

The Almighty God that gave His Son to die

The Almighty God that commands the flowers to bloom

The Almighty God that knew me while I was yet in the womb.

You already knew every instance wherein I would fall out of Your will.

You knew me and my imperfections yet You loved me still.

So now I choose to offer up praise

and honor

and admiration.

I lift my hands in thanksgiving
and in worship
and adoration.

Lord, I celebrate Your eternal reign as the Prince of Peace.

I pay tribute to You, O God, as the Supreme Giver of Increase.

Lord, I bow down before the throne of Your Holy Majesty.

Father, send Your anointing to bring about a change in me.

Omnipotent Ruler, Great Omnipresent King

Righteous Father and Creator, Lover of Every Living Thing

Let everything that is be only what You have declared.

Let Your will be done. Lord, this is my prayer.

Let my spirit be renewed in You once more and again.

For Thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory

Forever and ever


It's All About the Words

I originally created this blog for musings on everyday life, but apparently I don't get down like that. I wrote a few lame posts that I was too embarrassed to ask anyone else to read, then abandoned it. (I kinda felt bad, but not really. It wasn't right.)
But now, it's true purpose is revealed. It's all about the words....always has been. But now those words will be poems (mostly).
I've been writing poetry for years. I've only been sharing my poetry for about half that time. In the beginning, my poetry was like my journal--raw and uncensored and for my eyes only. Today, while my poems are still uncensored, they're no longer a secret. If I put pen to paper (which is the way I prefer to write), then what's written is meant to be said and I'm not afraid for it to be heard. No filter. Just truth.
Sometimes I offend. Sometimes I illuminate. Sometimes I entertain. But whatever I write about, it will always be of substance. Substance is the only thing my words can consistently produce. (Substance is also my pseudonym these days.)
So, I'm reclaiming this blog to share my poetry with anyone who'll take the time to read it.
Too much to tell. Ain't that that truth.